I swam around an entire island!

I finally got to go out snorkeling today.  I love snorkeling.  It’s swimming without having to swim, breathing in water, or getting salt in your eyes, while amazing nature scenes scroll by.  I took a day-long tour, the boat took us to four different islands (Koh Thong Lang, Koh Yak Lek, Koh Rang, Koh Wai), and provided lunch, of course.  340 THB ($12.50).


The crew were so much fun.  When we arrived on the boat, the host served us each a glass of water, saying, “Whiskey!  For strength!”.  I heard him say hello in English, French, German, Russian, Chinese and Japanese.  He could carry on a conversation in all of them too.  He then went around offering everyone coffee.  And lastly, he offered us Dramamine.

IMG_2467 (2)
Multilingual Snorkel Guide

They took good care of their guests.  The old Japanese grandma couldn’t really scale from the dock to the boat, so he carried her, bride-over-the-threshold style.  One Chinese guest couldn’t really swim, so he put her in a life jacket and dragged her around.  When people started to lose their lunch, they passed around pieces of lime and said “Lemon will make you feel better.”

The first island was small, about the size of The Petit Prince’s planet.  The guests were very impressed with the coral and fish, but I guess they haven’t visited Hawaii yet.  (snob!)  I was easily able to swim around the whole island!


The second island had a better reef and more fish.  Sometimes I would get completely surrounded by a school of fish.  Terrifying!  What if they tried to eat me?  Or touch me?  The third island had beautiful sand beaches and we just waded.  I was very glad to have my prescription swim goggles with a sunglass tint.  I could see and swim at the same time!  The hosts entertained us by doing dives and back flips off the boat.


The fourth island had the best coral and fish.  I saw some things I’d never seen before.  You know that crackling sound of fish eating coral?  Well I actually got to see and hear a big fish chomp, chomp, chomp!

They served us lunch twice.  Once after the first island and again after the third island.  First we had rice with curry chicken, pad thai, and omelette.  Second we had bbq chicken kababs, corn on the cob, watermelon and pineapple.  Omelettes and corn on the cob are very popular here.  You can buy both at most street vendors.

First Lunch
First Lunch
Second Lunch


On the trip I started talking with some Thai tourists.  He liked my music tattoo.  I asked him if he could recommend any sights, and he said he had done a lot of research before coming to Koh Chang, and he gave me all the highlights.  He also said to stay away from Pattaya, it’s sin city.   Phetchabun, my home to be, has beautiful winters.

I ended the day with the most delicious mango smoothie in the world!


PS – I have only seen one mosquito so far (fingers crossed!).


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