Thailand Randoms

Street Food – Breakfast

Thais don’t have breakfast food.  They can eat anything for any meal of the day.  I’m still partial to carbs and no meat, so none of this was my breakfast.





Food is stored in clear plastics bags.  If you buy something they put it in another clear plastic bag.  Drink are sipped through straws.  No drinking from the bottle you barbarian.


This is how they cut pineapples.  When you order one, the slice again into bite size pieces and give you skewer to eat it.


“Boutique” Grocery Store


Note that street food, including raw and cooked meat, can sit in the open heat, but raw carrots are individually vacuum sealed.

259 THB = $9.50 CAD.  89 THB = $3.30 CAD.

Eggs in all shapes, sizes, and colors.  No refrigeration needed.

The grapes were huge, but the package was small.  750 THB = $28 CAD

IMG_0172More Randoms

That’s my name, don’t wear it out.


Statue of woman taking a selfie, but she lost her phone.


Ever wish you could be as white and beautiful as a snail?  This promises to lighten your skin.



Constant sweeping.  Someone is always sweeping, or mopping.  In my first hotel, there was always someone cleaning the floor.  Even out on the street, someone is sweeping.  Although the streets don’t look clean, they are free of leaves, debris, and cigarette butts.  Maybe because there are so many ants?

Remove your shoes.  The Thais think that feet are dirty. I’ve had to remove my shoes to enter all temples, and in some hotels, and massage parlours.  I noticed that the people cleaning the hotel rooms remove their shoes before entering the room.

I think that the constant sweeping and shoe removal are related.  They want a clean floor.  Traditionally, they ate sitting on the floor, so this makes sense to me.

Thais are friendly.  It’s true.  Everyone has been nice to me (except the odd cabbie).  Anytime I have a question or need directions they are happy to help me.  Even if we don’t have a common language.  They are also very polite to their customers.  They bow or wai and say “Khaawp Khoon Ka”  (thank you) all the time.  At fancy restaurants they refill your water glass like it’s champagne.

The “H”s are usually silent.  Thailand, Phuket, Wat Pho, Ayutthaya.  All hard Ts and Ps.  Well, hard with a a breathy “h”.

There are cats and dogs everywhere.  I understand that people collectively take care of them and they aren’t necessarily owned by anyone.  They seem to ignore me, which is good.

Wifi is also everywhere.  All the hotels, and many restaurants.

Fruit is amazing.  My new favorite is fruit mango smoothie (that’s without any dairy).  And the seafood is plentiful.  Given the option, I usually pick seafood over pork.

Bargaining.  At the MBK mall, there is a section that’s just a bunch of no-name stalls, similar to the Shanghai fake malls.  These stalls sell all sorts of ladies clothing, silk, graffic ts, sarongs, and souvenirs.  Bargaining is expected, but it’s not like China.  Many times I made an offer, they said no, and we were done.  The most interesting was watching the Middle Eastern shoppers haggle.  They would just berate the Thai sellers.  The Thai sellers would beg “No, please Madam!  Please!”, and bow deeply.  The Middle Easter shoppers would keep trying to get a better deal even after all the money and goods have been exchanged.  It made me so uncomfortable, but I’m sure neither parties mind.

Madame.  They call me madame.  Not the English Madame, but the French, like Madame Tussaud.  It sounds ultra-polite to my ears.

Thai Massage – Yes please!  One tourist told me he gets a massage every day, and I thought, why am I not doing that?  The second massage I got, I slipped off my shoes and they said “Wash your feet.”  There was a little tile washing station.  I sat on the bench, and put my feet in a tub.  Then the young girl came and washed my feet.  I find it kind of embarrassing to have someone was my feet, but it’s common.  Then your feet are nice and clean for your massage.

Foot Massage – I like this more than the Thai massage.  It’s still an hour, and it’s misnamed.  It’s actually a foot to hip and neck and shoulder massage. They spend a lot of time on your feet and calves, which is what I really need, and then end with some back (again she laughed at my lack of flexibility), shoulder, neck and face.

Trans-gendered Women – I refuse to use that other awful crass word.  There are plenty of women who I assume are trans-gendered and probably many that I don’t realize are.  They are everywhere and the only people who make a big deal of it are foreigners.

Thai Toilets – I won’t get into the details, but I had to read this how to manual.

White men and Thai women – I have seen a few bi-racial couples, and they just seem like nice couples.  It’s true, the men are older, but they don’t seem out of place.  I only saw one couple that made me uncomfortable.  She looked like a prostitute, and he looked like an idiot.  I have also not seen any untoward behaviour, people, or shops.  Clearly Bangkok’s seedy reputation doesn’t define an entire city.

Idle Service People – Except for high end shops, all service people sit around on their phones, watching tv, eating or grooming themselves, when they’re not helping a customer.  The MBK mall was the perfect example of this.  They might not even notice you browsing in their shop, because they are so engrossed in their phones.

That’s all for now.  I’m sure I’ll have some more later.


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