Random Eats in Hanoi


KOTO is short for Know One, Teach One.  It is a restaurant started by a Vietnamese Australian to train disadvantaged youth.  It’s across the street from the Temple of Literature and is the perfect lunch stop.

When I arrived I was asked if I had a reservation (busy place!), but since I am solo, they had room for me upstairs.  Service was excellent!  Food was great.  They are known for their desserts, so I couldn’t pass up the change to try one.

When you visit the Temple of Literature, you must eat at KOTO.  The food, service, and ambiance is amazing, and you are supporting a worthy cause.

Honey Cashew Shrimp
Black and White Mousse

Green Mango

LP recommended Green Mango at 18 P Hang Quat.  The place looked closed, but it wasn’t.  The restaurant is dark, and in the back they have an enclosed garden with AC.  I had the entire place to myself.  The Bun cost over 200,000 VND ($9 USD).  It was very good, better than at home, especially with the fresh greens.


Sixty Six

Sixty Six – Another very nice restaurant with their take on traditional Vietnamese fare.  This combination appetizer included green papaya salad, deep friend hanoi spring rolls, fresh spring rolls with soft shell crab (their speacialty), rice paper roll with stir fried beef, and deep fried vegetable spring roll. 115,000 VND ($5 USD)


For dessert, Vietnamese black sticky rice, mango and coconut ice cream.  75,000 VND ($3 USD)


Bun Bo

A few shops down from my beloved Nova Hotel is Bun Bo, one of many tiny independence eateries.  I wanted a cheap dinner and this cost me 80,000 VND ($2.70 USD).  I met an American woman who’d spent a month in HCMC taking a TESOL course, and she said this was the best bun she ever had.


Street Dessert

This is one of the handful of Vietnamese foods the hotel suggests to try (but I can’t remember what it’s called!).  It’s glutenous rice balls floating in sweet syrup.  There were three balls, one plain, one filled with black (sesame paste?), and the third with lotus paste.  I really liked it because I like glutenous rice somethings, lotus paste, and sweet anythings.




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