The Biker Gang of Khao Kho

The biker gang met at 7:30 am for an early start to their ride.  Their 125 cc  scooters proved they were bad-ass.  All that was missing was matching denim vests with their logo emblazoned on the back.  The air was fresh and crisp but they knew that soon the sun would be scorching. With their bikes refulled, they needed to fuel themselves for the day’s … Continue reading The Biker Gang of Khao Kho

Foreign Language Camp

My first field trip.  Two days and one night to Foreign Language Camp.  We took a special group of kids in the equivalent of grade 10 -12.  These students are in a program where they learn English and Chinese or Japanese.  That’s right, they are tri-lingual. We met at the school at 4:00 am to leave at 4:30, so of course we left after 5:00.  All … Continue reading Foreign Language Camp

Sports Day!

  The school hosted a sports day for two days this week.  It started with a magnificent parade with some amazing traditional costumes and plenty of school bands.  Although they did walk as a group, I wouldn’t call them “marching” bands.  We watched sports throughout the day, but had to take breaks in our air conned offices because they heat was scorching.  Even in the … Continue reading Sports Day!