It Rained on Our Parade

I have an idiom to teach the students next class.

For weeks they have been preparing for Sports Day.  The entire school is divided into four teams – yellow, orange, blue and purple.  Not only are they going to play sports against each other, but they also pick a theme, parade throughout the city, and present full team cheers.

Thursday morning we met in the city centre to parade our way back to school.  The foreign teachers were to bring up the rear and wave our national flags.  When we got to the muster point the students looked amazing!


Tough Thai Boxers
Tougher Thai Boxers


IMG_1634 (2)
A trio of drum majors
Representing Different Countries
IMG_1626 (2)
The first time I have seen Thai students hold hands!
Just another high school drum major.


These students are 12-18 years old.  The costumes were amazing.  And yes, a few of the beautiful ladies are men.

And some of the foreign teachers looked great too!

with the Chinese Teachers


Just as the band started to play to get the parade going, a few drops of rain fell.  By the time the second band got through it was pouring.

Green Band

But school spirit did not waiver!


This team gleefully sang the school song complete with synchronized hand movements.


IMG_1645 (2)

Ok, they were starting get down, but they toughed it out!


IMG_1655 (2)


Unlike the wussy foreign teachers, who hid under a tarp until their car service arrived.

IMG_1695 (2)

Then the weather broke, and SOME of the foreign teachers hoofed it to catch up to the end of the parade.



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