Vientiane: Food!

Vientiane boasts a variety of fare I haven’t seen in a while, on top of their local cuisine.  They are well known for their French cuisine, but really have a food court of options.  As any good traveler would, I tried to partake in as many experiences as possible.

Lao Sandwich on a Baguette at Mixok Cafe.  One of my favorite places to people watch on the patio with a cold drink.  As common as water, Beerlaos (which I always read in my mind as beer-a-loo).

End a long day of touristing by relaxing in the night breeze on a patio, watching people stroll by, listening to old French men brag about their conquests*, and eating enchiladas.

*Ok, they weren’t really talking about conquests, and I stopped listening as soon as the food arrived.

Enchiladas, refried beans and rice from CoCo Cafe.

Smoked salmon on a baguette.  Smoked salmon on a bagel with lychee smoothie.  I COULD NOT RESIST.

Sweet Moo Ice Cream – I tried to order chocolate ice cream, but instead got a huge bowl of shave ice with cocoa, chocolate sauce, and coconut.  They serve ice cream, but I obviously pointed to the wrong thing.


Delicious, too big for one person, and expensive.  Pizza from Via Via for 330 THB ($13 CAD).  Twice as expensive as I would even consider paying in Thailand, but far better.


Sushi from Fuji.  Sushi is one thing I really miss, so despite the expense, I couldn’t miss the opportunity.  Yes, Thailand has sushi, just not my part of Thailand.  It tasted as amazing as it looks.  I don’t know why it’s served with kim chee, but yum all around.  380 THB ($15 CAD)


Was too full to try a Loas Donair, but maybe next time?



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