Cold Snap – Thai Style

It has been usually cold throughout Asia this week.  The coldest in 60 years!  Phetchabun is known for it’s cold temperatures, because it’s close to the mountains.  Last week it was over 30°C, and even the Thais were complaining about the heat.  This week it dropped to 14°C.  Cold, windy and raining! Yikes! Everyone bundled up the best they could.  They wore hats, scarves, down-filled vests … Continue reading Cold Snap – Thai Style

It’s winter and I’m sweating

Part of the appeal in coming to the city of Phetchabun is it’s relatively cold temperatures.  In the coldest month, December, it has gotten down to 15C.  And that’s in the middle of the night.  The mornings are still at least 22C. The coldest I have ever been was riding my scooter down the highway at midnight.  It was probably 18C and I was going … Continue reading It’s winter and I’m sweating

As we walk in fields of sunflowers

Phetchabun is famous for strawberries, sunflowers, and tamarind.  Today was sunflower day.  After school we took a short ride out of town to see the sunflower fields (read: to take selfies of ourselves in the proximity of a sunflower field). We arrived just as the sky was turning soft pink from the setting sun. The result of awkwardly holding my phone while twisting my body to … Continue reading As we walk in fields of sunflowers

Savannakhet: Food and Accomodations

LP warned me that Savannakhet doesn’t have much to offer for accommodations, and it over-promised on great French food. If you do any research, you will probably come up with the same handful of restaurants.  There’s not much more here.  Of course you can eat street food, or find the locals’ favorite, but anglos are always drawn English menus. Lin’s Cafe If you only eat … Continue reading Savannakhet: Food and Accomodations

Savannakhet: Another Visa Run

Lonely Planet described Savannakhet as a sleepy town with with some charming French architecture and good French food.  They really oversold it.  It’s nothing more than a pit-stop with crumby accommodations and a handful of expensive western restaurants.  If there was any French architecture, it’s been replaced by rusty corrugated metal roofs, empty lots, and garbage. To get here was a slog, but one that … Continue reading Savannakhet: Another Visa Run

Teachers’ New Year’s Party

The teachers had their own New Year’s party Monday night.  Have I ever mentioned that the foreign teachers never know what’s going on?  I didn’t hear about the party until a few hours before it started.  And at the end of the previous Friday we were told we needed to perform another dance. (I thought it was happening during the day.) 6:00 we all returned … Continue reading Teachers’ New Year’s Party

Touristing in Chiang Mai

Saturday Walking Market Every tourist in town was drawn the Saturday Walking Street Market.  As night fell and the lights glowed brighter, we were pulled in closer. The market was packed with people.  We were shoulder to shoulder, shuffling along as we browsed all the vendors’ wares.  I spent hours browsing the enormous market.  I just have to look at every t-shirt, piece of jewelry, traditional costume, … Continue reading Touristing in Chiang Mai