It’s winter and I’m sweating

Part of the appeal in coming to the city of Phetchabun is it’s relatively cold temperatures.  In the coldest month, December, it has gotten down to 15C.  And that’s in the middle of the night.  The mornings are still at least 22C.

The coldest I have ever been was riding my scooter down the highway at midnight.  It was probably 18C and I was going 80 km/hr in a cardigan.  It was just about, but not quite, as cold as a typical summer night back home.  I would have preferred a windbreaker, but survived without.  My arctic upbringing has toughened me up against the cold – my South African companion said her fingers were turning blue.

But everyday I still sweat and need to escape to the protection of an air conditioned room.  We stood out in the sun to watch the parade, dripping.  Umbrellas to block the sun, and hand fans to add a breeze.  Even the Thais complained about the heat.  It’s winter and it’s 35C.

And what can we look forward to in the summer? 45C in April.


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