Cold Snap – Thai Style

It has been usually cold throughout Asia this week.  The coldest in 60 years!  Phetchabun is known for it’s cold temperatures, because it’s close to the mountains.  Last week it was over 30°C, and even the Thais were complaining about the heat.  This week it dropped to 14°C.  Cold, windy and raining! Yikes!

Everyone bundled up the best they could.  They wore hats, scarves, down-filled vests and winter coats.  The students brought duvets and bathrobes to school stay warm.  The female teachers even wore pants!


Of course this is no central heating!  The outdoor assembly started with squats to get everyone’s blood pumping.  The first thing I had my class do was rub their hands together and blow hot air on them.  Then we had a little dance party, which warmed them up and lifted their spirits.

Despite my rugged upbringing (ha!), Thailand has turned me soft.  It’s cold!  I’m also not equipped for such temperature drops.  I have two cardigans, and two pairs of pants (one pair I had to save for night time), and one pair of socks.  My light blanket was supplemented with extra towels and scarves.  I even slept in my Canada toque!  However, none of it was enough.  I woke up freezing – like I was camping in the Rockies, but without the campfire to warm me and my coffee up.

It just reminds me that I hate the cold.  I especially hate working in the cold, coming home to a cold house, hiding in a cold bed, and waking up still cold to return to my cold office.  I’ve spent decades living like this, and I’m sure I don’t want to do it again.


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