Pai is a new-age hippie vortex.  The town of 2,000 is full of visitors in their early twenties, but does get Thai and Chinese tourists too.  They’re attracted to the cooler temperatures, seclusion, and chill vibe. Hippies and Muslims If the “no shirt, no shoes, no service” rule gets you down, then Pai is the place for you.  I spied a trio of barefoot tourists in the 7-11.  One … Continue reading Pai

School Tour (read free vacation)

I am so lucky that my school offers many wonderful perks.  One of the best is the annual school tour.  They take all the foreign teachers (English speakers, Chinese, and Japanese), along with the Director and administration, on a beach trip.  Let me clarify – on an all expenses paid trip, no kids, beach vacation. This year we went to Koh Samet. Less than 7 … Continue reading School Tour (read free vacation)