10 Things I Never Did Before Moving to Thailand

It’s been a year since I packed up and moved to Thailand.  It has been life changing and I am loving it.  There are something I do now on a regular basis that I would have never done before.  Here are the top 10.

1.  Sleep naked.

It’s hot.  Most of the time.  And while air conditioning is powerful, electricity is expensive.  Sleeping naked is a cheap way to stay cool at night.

2.  Shower multiple times a day.

Did I mention it’s hot?  Every time I get home I have a shower.  Every morning I have a shower.  Usually it’s just to rinse off and cool down, but I do it a few times a day.

3.  Pick a bug out of my food a keep eating.

Little bugs sometimes fly into my food or fall into my drink.  I just pick it out and keep eating.  No biggie.

4.  Break traffic laws.

Only little ones, of course.  Like not having the proper license to ride a motorbike in Thailand.  Or riding down the wrong way on a one-way.  Or making a u-turn in front of a no u-turn sign.

5.  Pay bribes.

Actually, I’ve only done this once, but it’s just part of regular life.  Traffic police will pull you over for breaking a law like failing to wear a helmet or driving without Thai motorbike license.  They tell you that you are going to get a ticket, but what they really want is for you to give them cash.  Driving without a Thai license is a 500 B fine, but I slipped the cop a 100 B note and he was happy to let me on my way.  However, I usually just play the teacher card, and they let me go without a fine.

6.  Not cook.

My kitchen doesn’t even have the equipment to cook food.  I have fridge and a microwave.  I went all out and bought myself a kettle and a blender too.  Now I I occasionally make coffee or a smoothie, but other than that, every meal is eaten out.  Dinner can be picked up at a market for less than 35 B ($1.20 CAD), so many Thai families don’t cook either.

7.  Carry around toilet paper.

Public toilets (I also use the word “toilet” now too , ew), don’t usually provide tp.  Even the school doesn’t have any, but we were provided a few rolls at the start of the year.  I also don’t worry if I forget to bring my own paper. Often you can buy some for a few baht right outside the toilet, or just use the bum gun.

img_4332-28.  Not scream at the sight of a rodent or insect.

I don’t see a lot of creepy crawlies, but when I do, I’m not fazed.  If a rat runs down the street or a cockroach scurries into a crevice, I just keep going about my business.  Plus, I don’t usually see them in a restaurant or hostel.  Sometimes I spot interesting bits of nature – like a blue headed lizard, a giant snail, and huge worms/small snakes swimming in a puddle.

9.  Enjoy spicy food.

I used to be a wuss when it came to spicy food.  Didn’t like it at all.  Now, I enjoy a bit of heat.  A bit.  When I order my som tam not spicy, they make it with only two chilies.  Which means it’s not to spicy that I can’t eat it, but I still need to chase it with a yogurt to stop crying.

10.  Pay cash for everything.

Credit cards are a new and sadly, growing phenomenon in Thailand.  Debit hasn’t gained popularity yet either.  It’s cash.  For everything.  At first this was strange, but now I’m used to.  (At times, I have even been paid in cash!)

Since moving to the other side of the globe, a lot of things have changed.  I’ve tried and done things I would never have dreamed of before.  I’ve made new friends, met crazy people, learned about the world, and learned about myself.  And there’s more to come!


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