It’s Too Hot for Skin

It’s ONLY 37°C but my skin feels like it’s on fire.  It’s the worst waiting at a stoplight on my scooter.  I can feel the sun’s rays penetrating my skin.  It hurts.  It’s so hot that riders are hiding in bits of shade made by trucks and buses.  And it’s an inferno waiting next to a running vehicle.

My skin has had enough.  My face and chest are the worst – red, dry , and sensitive.  I have been diligently wearing sunscreen, but now it’s not enough.  On Sunday I went for a three hour ride in the mountains, and I made sure every bit of my skin was covered.  You’d think that jeans would be too hot, but it was actually cooler than having the sun directly on my epidermis.  With my jacket, gloves, and shaded visor the only thing exposed was my chin.  But I couldn’t leave it exposed.  So I added a cowboy-chic bandanna.  It worked so well that it has become a permanent addition to my regular wardrobe.

Temperatures will probably exceed 40°C before they start to cool!


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