Loafing around Langkawi

Langkawi, the Jewel of Kadah, was the first stop on our Malaysian expedition.  Tourists are attracted by it’s duty free status.  In the rest of Malaysia alcohol is not cheap.  We stayed at a very clean hostel, Two Peace House, run by Italian ex-pat, Irene.  She was a fantastic hostess and helped us maneuver through her neighbors’ backyards for the short cut to some nearby eateries.

Pentai Cenang - LangkawiAfter a day at Pentai Cenang (Cenang Beach), I missed Thailand.  I missed cheap massage, clear ocean water, friendly staff, and iced coffee.  Massage was available if you looked hard, but it was expensive.  The sea water was murky.  Restaurateurs liked to coerce you into their establishment.  And most of the coffee was 3-in-1 or Nescafe.  But not all the differences were negative.  There were no “clubs” and no bar girls.  Instead of soi dogs, there were clowders of cats.  There was little or no pork, but there was plenty of falafel, hummus, and naan.

One of the island’s main attractions is the Langkawi Sky Bridge.  To reach the sky bridge, we rented rickety motorbikes for 20 RMB ($4 CAD) for the half hour ride up to the base of the Sky Cab.  The gondola cost 55 RMB ($17 CAD), and walking across the bridge cost another 5 RMB ($1 CAD).  This was an expensive day, especially when converted to THB.

The glass sphere cabs took us on a smooth ride all the way up to Gunung Machinchang.  On both trips the other tourists (one was a Malaysian family, the other was a Chinese family) asked my Caucasian friend for her country of origin.  When she replied “America”, they wanted to get a picture with her.  Actually, this happened to her all the time, but it was usually a single man on the street making the request, and she would decline.

Langkawi Sky Cab
Langkawi Sky Cab

Once on the top, it was a short but rigorous descent to the Sky Bridge.

Langkawi SkyBridge
Langkawi Sky Bridge

In the afternoon, we stopped at Telagah Tujuh Waterfall, where we rested in the pools of cool water all afternoon.  We particularly enjoyed watching the other tourists posing for the perfect selfies.  Here’s mine!

Telagah Tujuh Waterfall Langkawi
Telagah Tejuh Waterfall

Langawki has plenty of restaurants along the oddly one-way main strip, Jalan Pantai Chenang.  If you drove past your destination, you’d have to do a 15-minute loop around back or walk 1 minute.  There were so many restaurants to choose from like local street food, Nasi Ayam or Roti Canai, or Indian, Lebanese or Syrian specialties.

From left to right:  Paneer Masala from Mumbai Palace, Yasmin Syrian Restaurant where we enjoyed hummus, and Nonya Laksa (RM 25) from high end and romantic, Fat Cupid.


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