Penang Hill

In our quest to go to the highest tourist attraction at every stop, we headed to Penang Hill.  We did enough research to get us to the base, but neither of knew what to expect at the top.  Having been there, and now reviewing their website, I still don’t really know.

There’s view of the city and the sea, an expensive restaurant, some moderately priced food stalls, a love-lock bridge and owl museum.  For an extra charge, there a view deck where you’re promised to see plenty of wildlife and a tsunami themed ride (too soon?).

We decided to take the public bus to the hill.  2 MYR ($0.60) and one hour later we were there.  Well, at the base anyway.  We took a train to the peak for 30 MYR return ($9.50), but not before waiting in line for a solid hour.  There was nothing indicating a long wait, but the train ride itself wasn’t very long.

Train to the top of #penanghill #malaysia

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At the top we took time to enjoy the view.  We strolled around, had some snacks, and took in some fresh air.  It was a nice outing for the day, but apparently not exciting enough for more than a few photos.

To return to our guesthouse, we decided to splurge for a Grab Taxi.  I can’t recall the exact price, but it was just slightly about the cost for two bus tickets.

Penang Hill 1Penang Hill 2Penang Hill 3


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