To Mr. Foo, Thanks for Everything

To Do List –  1) Go to the beach  2)  Get a massage

Our last day on Penang Island, and we have yet to see the beach nor have a massage.  We must work on our goals!

There is not a lot of good massage on Penang, but the internet tells us that Mr. Foo on the beach at Batu Ferringhi is the only man for the job.  So we call Grab Taxi for a ride to the north side of the island.  Mr. Foo can be found directly across from the Golden Sands Hotel.

It turns out that he and his son are already book for most of the day.  But the son offers us two half hour slots later in the afternoon, so we take them.

I go for a foot massage first.  I explain to junior that we are from Thailand, and have had many massages.  He explained that reflexology is different, and he suggested my friend come watch.  “I will tell you your fortune from your feet,” he said.  “Your medical future.”  He started pressing the toes on my right foot.  “Head…ok.  No migraines.  (True.)  Eyes…very bad.  (True.)  Nose…ok, but left nostril gets more plugged up than the right.  (I’ve never noticed).  Blood pressure, ok.  Intestines, a little gas but ok.  (Sure.)

“Now I will tell you about your liver,” he says as he switches to my left foot.  Is he implying he can tell if I like to hit the bottle?  “Liver…ok too.” (Teatotaller.)  “Lungs…very bad.  Like you used to have asthma.”  (Still do.)

As he massaged my feet we asked him about business.  We asked if he made house-calls, and he said he did and for an extra fee he’ll wear any uniform I like – fireman, policeman…  He has plenty of regular customers, often getting 2-hour massages, and sometimes he goes to Singapore to make a truckload in a few days.

Junior also told us that he’s very particular about his clients.  We saw many people ask for massages.  Some he turned away because he’s busy.  Others he let set up an appointment, but he often lectured them about being on time.  He told that many clients don’t show up or come late.  He admitted that if he didn’t like you, he wouldn’t give you an appointment.

We both really enjoyed our massages, especially the included entertainment.  We spent the rest of the day snoozing on lounge chairs while helping the hotel look more booked.



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