Wat Arun

I had a few hours to spare in Bangkok, and I decided to go see Wat Arun (50B).  I’ve never been before, and it’s suppose to be Bangkok’s most beautiful Wat.  I guess it’s nice, with it’s China-dish mosaic and on a white background.  Maybe I’ve seen to many temples.  It’s not very big.  You can walk the whole thing in a matter of minutes.  … Continue reading Wat Arun

In a New York Week

The NYC in my imagination is a combination of 1984’s Ghostbusters and Sex in the City.  I imagine litter strewn streets, bumper-to-bumper traffic, cabbies honking, people yelling, and high-fashion women in uncomfortably stylish heels.  It was none of that.  Well, almost. The subways were clean and easy to use.  People were surprisingly friendly and casually dressed.  Traffic wasn’t all that busy and and even when … Continue reading In a New York Week


Two hours from KL is the coastal city of Malacca – and a lovely day trip.  Our return bus tickets cost about 27 RM ($8 CAD) Malacca has changed many hands from Portuguese, to Dutch, then British, Japanese, and finally Malaysian.  The town has a distinctly European feel to it with Portuguese egg tarts.  We arrived just in time for a splendid lunch of a … Continue reading Malacca