Wat Arun

I had a few hours to spare in Bangkok, and I decided to go see Wat Arun (50B).  I’ve never been before, and it’s suppose to be Bangkok’s most beautiful Wat.  I guess it’s nice, with it’s China-dish mosaic and on a white background.  Maybe I’ve seen to many temples.  It’s not very big.  You can walk the whole thing in a matter of minutes.  … Continue reading Wat Arun

Cabbages and Condoms and Jim Thompson House

I’m at a wonderful new hotel, Red Planet, with a queen sized bed and my own bathroom, and it’s right near the train line.  It costs almost twice as much as the last hotel, about $55/night.  I love it!  They even have a bellhop take my luggage to my room.  He made me smile.  He showed me how to use my swipe card to work … Continue reading Cabbages and Condoms and Jim Thompson House

Change Hotels – I regret Everything!!

I decided it was time for a new neighborhood, so I moved hotels.  I found another great review and good price ($32) on Agoda.com, and moved to T-Boutique. I had to stay at the old hotel until my load of laundry was ready, at 10.  My laundry was neatly folded, which was great, but it smells  of towels you left in the dryer and forget to … Continue reading Change Hotels – I regret Everything!!

Ratchadamnoen Klang Road

Feeling discombobulated, I decided to stick around my hotel today.  My hotel is on Ratchadamnoen Klang Road.  The Democracy Monument, and it’s six-lane traffic circle, is right outside my window. I’m quite pleased that my hotel is located on my Lonely Planet map, but the map’s highlighted sights are just out of walking distance. Over the day, I did about three laps around the neighborhood, separated by … Continue reading Ratchadamnoen Klang Road


12,000 km.  Three planes.  27 hours of travel.  40 hours lost.  What a marathon.  And I hardly slept.  But I arrived in one solid piece. I give Incheon Airport in Seoul full marks.  They had plenty of people directing the exhausted travelers.  Orderly lines for train that ran every 5 minutes.  Traditionally-costumed models to fulfill your photographic needs. I finally slept on the flight to … Continue reading Landed