Tourist in Hanoi

Hanoi Haze Hanoi is smoggy.  Not that other multi-million-people cities aren’t, but I really noticed it here.  There’s no direct sunlight.  I’ve been sneezing, with a raspy voice, and have a bit of a sore throat since I arrived. Hoan Kiem Lake The lake is beautiful at night, and is THE place to be.  Its lighted promenade is full of locals and tourists strolling and … Continue reading Tourist in Hanoi

In love with Nova Hotel Hanoi

I heart Nova Hotel in Hanoi.  They have made me so happy! I made the reservation on as I was getting waiting for the plane to Hanoi – two hours before arrival.  I picked this place because of it’s excellent reviews, location in Old Town, and price of $20 USD/night.  I received my confirmation from booking, then an email from Nova saying they received my … Continue reading In love with Nova Hotel Hanoi