Koh Samui – Chewang Beach

Chewang Beach is Samui’s biggest and busiest town.  Within walking distance you can find the beach; shopping from markets to outlets; halal, kosher, authentic Italian and Indian foods; muay thai fights; Thai and Japanese massage; cabaret shows; and strip clubs with big “No Drugs” signs.   If your beach vacation needs an active nightlife, then Chewang is your spot. The beach at my hotel was lovely, but … Continue reading Koh Samui – Chewang Beach

Two lost taxis, one friendly taxi, and a generous pancake

Two Lost Taxis I had such bad luck on Koh Samui with transportation.  First, I needed to take a shuttle bus from the airport to my hotel.  The shuttle cost 180 THB ($6.65), and had my location typed on it.  I show the ticket to the staff directing tourists to the correct bus, and they lead me to one of the shuttles.  The shuttle drives … Continue reading Two lost taxis, one friendly taxi, and a generous pancake

Silent Mediation Retreat

I’ve just spend the last few days at a Silent Meditation Retreat on Koh Samui at Dipabhavan Meditation Center.  I was silent for 60 hours, to be exact.  I can’t remember what made me decide to try silent mediation, but it was definitely not some book that starred Julia Roberts.  Most of the well respected 10-day retreats were booked through to next year, when I checked in … Continue reading Silent Mediation Retreat

Koh Samui – Maenam and Lamai

Maenam I’m staying at a wonderful bungalow called Treehouse on Silent Beach, Maenam, Koh Samui.  A bungalow with a fan is 500 THB ($19), with AC is 1,000 THB.  It’s clean, charming and thoughtfully decorated.  I was wondering where to dry my swimsuit, and there’s a bamboo drying rack by my door.  There are a lot of places to lounge and listen to 90’s hits … Continue reading Koh Samui – Maenam and Lamai