Savannakhet: Food and Accomodations

LP warned me that Savannakhet doesn’t have much to offer for accommodations, and it over-promised on great French food. If you do any research, you will probably come up with the same handful of restaurants.  There’s not much more here.  Of course you can eat street food, or find the locals’ favorite, but anglos are always drawn English menus. Lin’s Cafe If you only eat … Continue reading Savannakhet: Food and Accomodations

Savannakhet: Another Visa Run

Lonely Planet described Savannakhet as a sleepy town with with some charming French architecture and good French food.  They really oversold it.  It’s nothing more than a pit-stop with crumby accommodations and a handful of expensive western restaurants.  If there was any French architecture, it’s been replaced by rusty corrugated metal roofs, empty lots, and garbage. To get here was a slog, but one that … Continue reading Savannakhet: Another Visa Run

Vientiane: More than a Visa Run

If Canada is America’s hat, then Laos is Thailand’s beret.  Similar but with a lot more French.  To occupy my time between meals, I hit the local sites. In the evenings I browsed the Night Market.  There’s a mix between tourists and locals and the stalls sell souvenirs and clothes, jewelry, and cell phone accessories. Between the night market and the Mekong river is the statue … Continue reading Vientiane: More than a Visa Run