Two hours from KL is the coastal city of Malacca – and a lovely day trip.  Our return bus tickets cost about 27 RM ($8 CAD) Malacca has changed many hands from Portuguese, to Dutch, then British, Japanese, and finally Malaysian.  The town has a distinctly European feel to it with Portuguese egg tarts.  We arrived just in time for a splendid lunch of a … Continue reading Malacca

Penang Hill

In our quest to go to the highest tourist attraction at every stop, we headed to Penang Hill.  We did enough research to get us to the base, but neither of knew what to expect at the top.  Having been there, and now reviewing their website, I still don’t really know. There’s view of the city and the sea, an expensive restaurant, some moderately priced food … Continue reading Penang Hill

A Jaunt Through George Town

George Town, Penang was one of the highlights of our trip.  First, we stayed in an amazing place called Vintage House.  Then we ate amazing food.  And finally we were won over by the charming old town (I’m going to need some synonyms for charming) and the abundance of street art. Vintage House was our haven.  Goodbye fan-only rooms, bunk-beds and shared facilities.  Hello, air con, … Continue reading A Jaunt Through George Town