Meandering through Malaysia

I just spent almost three weeks in Malaysia with a Singapore chaser, and it was a most grand adventure.  Our trip took us criss-crossing the nation – we visited beaches, highlands, port towns, and cities.  We ate mee goreng, nonya laksa, hummus, paneer masala and vegan sushi. We stayed some fantastic and cheap hostels and some expensive and aweful hotels.  We searched for a “decent” cup … Continue reading Meandering through Malaysia

Travel isn’t always sandy beaches and perfect sunsets

So many travel blogs, Instagram posts and Facebook statuses bragging about their epic and unique adventures.  They aren’t always so quick to share the exhausting journeys, dirty rooms, bad food, and missed connections. Here’s a picture from breakfast at our hotel on the Perhentian Islands in Malaysia.  Beautiful, isn’t it?  But I can’t say the trip was worth it. We took the overnight bus leaving … Continue reading Travel isn’t always sandy beaches and perfect sunsets