Elephant Encounter in Nam Nao Park

Nam Nao National Park is a day trip I have been meaning to talk.  From Phetchabun, it’s a 45 minute ride to Lom Sak, and another 75 minutes through the mountains to the centre of the park. It’s a fairly straight ride down a single-lane highway until you get into the mountains.  Then it’s an easy curvy road up.  Signs say “Beware of the Elephants” … Continue reading Elephant Encounter in Nam Nao Park

Cold Snap – Thai Style

It has been usually cold throughout Asia this week.  The coldest in 60 years!  Phetchabun is known for it’s cold temperatures, because it’s close to the mountains.  Last week it was over 30°C, and even the Thais were complaining about the heat.  This week it dropped to 14°C.  Cold, windy and raining! Yikes! Everyone bundled up the best they could.  They wore hats, scarves, down-filled vests … Continue reading Cold Snap – Thai Style

It’s winter and I’m sweating

Part of the appeal in coming to the city of Phetchabun is it’s relatively cold temperatures.  In the coldest month, December, it has gotten down to 15C.  And that’s in the middle of the night.  The mornings are still at least 22C. The coldest I have ever been was riding my scooter down the highway at midnight.  It was probably 18C and I was going … Continue reading It’s winter and I’m sweating

As we walk in fields of sunflowers

Phetchabun is famous for strawberries, sunflowers, and tamarind.  Today was sunflower day.  After school we took a short ride out of town to see the sunflower fields (read: to take selfies of ourselves in the proximity of a sunflower field). We arrived just as the sky was turning soft pink from the setting sun. The result of awkwardly holding my phone while twisting my body to … Continue reading As we walk in fields of sunflowers

Christmastime in Phetchabun

I actually thought that Christmas would be a non-event here.  I had heard that the malls in Bangkok set up a huge tree with decorations and put on big sales – because the Thais like to shop.  And I thought that mostly-Buddhist Phetchabun wouldn’t recognize the day.  And most didn’t.  But Christmas still came to town, and my school took advantage of this cultural learning opportunity. … Continue reading Christmastime in Phetchabun

Thailand Camping with Filipino Hospitality and a Mountain Music Festival

A long weekend means a trip out of town!  Off to Khao Kho we go! Mudslide Road The trip up the mountain is a mere one hour scooter ride.  After a burger and fries (with cucumber instead of pickle) we gas up just out of town.  Right on time for some rain.  So I throw on my bright red rain poncho.  It acts like a … Continue reading Thailand Camping with Filipino Hospitality and a Mountain Music Festival